John Westfield

I'm a lifelong cooking enthusiast with a special love for strange and underused ingredients. I hope this blog helps open your mind to more of the wonderful edible treasures around us.

How to chickpeas grow?

To grow chickpeas, start by sowing your seeds indoors 4 weeks before your last expected frost. Plant 2 seeds in each pot and water them 1-2 times a day. After your last frost, transplant the seeds, which will now be seedlings, to an outdoor location that gets 6 hours of sunlight per day. Chickpeas need …

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Are chickpeas crunchy?

If the chickpeas are crunchy all the way through, they will stay crispy longer. But if they are chewy in the center, they may soften while stored. If they lost some of the crispiness, you could reheat them in the air fryer for 2 to 5 minutes at 400 degrees. Cooked chickpeas contain just as …

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