Should the catcher in the rye still be taught?

Yes, Catcher in the Rye should be taught. However, it should not be taught to everyone. It should be taught in upper level high school classes and college courses.

Fight the Stigma of Mental Illness Holden is struggling with depression throughout the novel. This allows a platform to teach young people the importance of seeking help for their own illness, or that of people they may know.

What is the message behind ‘the catcher in the Rye’?

You’re not alone in your frustrations. Social niceties aren’t always phony. Excellent writing can transport you. Growing up means channeling your frustrations towards something productive.

The two biggest reasons I find the people don’t like the book it’s. It’s pretty regularly assigned reading in middle/high school and most people tend to dislike the books they were forced to read for school. The character of Holden is whinny and pretentious Cough Cough like most teenagers Cough Cough., and level 2.

While writing we ran into the question “Who banned catcher in the Rye and why?”.

Banned Books— The Catcher in the Rye Since at least 387 B. Censors have been trying to ban books that contain nontraditional or unpopular viewpoints. Books are banned because of the whole book in general or sometimes even for a single word or because the cover seems to suggest an offensive subject matter.

Why is the catcher in the Rye so popular?

Dated references and being set in the 1950’s America. The story feels tedious and monotonous. The protagonist is from a well-off family and tells a cushy and privileged tale. The story lacks diversity in it’s characters. The protagonist is unwilling to reflect on their own hypocrisy, and more items.

Here are others I’ve learned since: As an authentic expression of realistic human speechAs a single, shocking, almost-out-of context blow to the solar plexusAs a neutralizer to the poison of piety, fastidiousness, and eruditionAs a way of defining character.

Does catcher in the Rye brainwash people?

The Catcher in the Rye, a novel about an adolescent boy’s contempt for humanity, has been linked to assassins Mark David Chapman, John Hinckley and Lee Harvey Oswald.