Will chickens go back to coop?

Yes, it’s really that simple. Once your chickens get their bearings, they will go back home on their own accord. It doesn’t hurt to feed them, in their coop, at the end of the day (treats or whatnot) to give them an extra incentive.

Chickens that have established the coop as their home will return to it naturally each evening. You can also train your chickens to return to the coop when you call them in case you spot a daytime predator or need to clean their area of the yard.

How soon can I let my chickens out of Coop?

The more curious chickens will leave the coop first and explore but within a few minutes the rest of the flock should come out and join them. If after a few hours the flock are still inside the coop give them a gentle push out into the pen. You can leave your chickens for the rest of the day now to explore their new environment and get comfortable!

Smaller chickens seem to be able to fly better than heavier breeds. I would keep them in a coop with a run for about 2-3 weeks to let them know that there will always be food and water there. After 2-3 weeks I would let them out about an hour before dark for a couple of days to get them in the rhythm of things.

Some think that, and daniel-delarosa. This is my third night with my new chickens. I don’t lock mine up unless it’s cold., and sharol. Try putting a light in the coop for a few nights (have it in place as it gets dark). Some more items to examine: chickenkate17, maizey, yay chicks! Nuchickontheblock, danep, scotianchick, or daniel-delarosa.

How to train chickens to return to their coop?

There are really only three sure-fire ways to get your chickens back into the safety of their coop. And one of them is to let them think it was their idea in the first place. Chickens are creatures of habit, and once they know where their roost is, they will return to it every night –like clockwork.