Why chickens lay soft eggs?

It generally does not hurt a hen to lay an egg. Although, for young chickens new to egg laying or for extra-large eggs, it may be quite painful for an egg to be passed. Gasping noises and bleeding are some signs that the laying was painful. Some breeds of chickens are great egg layers, laying up to 300 eggs per year.

Occasionally a hen will lay a fairy egg when something has disturbed her reproductive cycle. Sometimes a hen will lay a fairy egg or two just as she comes into laying, before her reproductive system has gotten into gear.

Why are my chickens laying small eggs?

Stress is a large factor that may contribute to both the overall health of your flock and the size of the eggs they lay. In fact, a stressed chicken will often lay yolk-less fairy eggs with very little nutritional value. Your flock is at its best when your chickens are free-ranging.

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What does it mean when a hen lays a miniature egg?

First time chicken keepers are often surprised when a hen lays a miniature egg. A mini egg typically does not contain a yolk, and therefore is sometimes called a yolkless egg or a no-yolker. So why does a hen lay a miniature egg?

You may be wondering “When a hen first starts laying eggs do they get bigger?”

When a hen first starts laying her eggs are often smaller, and then the eggs get larger. I have had them for about a month. The person I bought them off of said they have been laying, but r young. OK, but have you previously received eggs from the hen that laid the small egg?