Why do chickens roam free in key west?

It’s believed chickens were originally brought over from Cuba and the Caribbean Islands for food and cockfighting. When this practice was outlawed, excess chickens were left to fend for themselves.

So, why do chickens roam free in Key West?

Make Sure They’ve Been Locked up for a Week. I’ve seen varying opinions on how long chickens should be kept in their coop before being let out to roam. Check for Predators. You have to be as sure as you can be that there are no risks of predators getting your chickens. Stick to a Routine.

Chickens have always been part of Key West life. According to the Florida Rambler, the birds were brought to Key West centuries ago, primarily for food and cockfighting, which was once a pretty popular sport back when people didn’t have the NFL or video games to pass the time.

What breed of chickens are in Key West?

Cornish Cross and their associated hybrids are extremely favored when it comes to raising your own chickens for meat purposes., and via https://www., and cacklehatchery. Com/ The Jersey Giant chickens have their origins in the US as they were developed with the basic thought of replacing the classic turkey. A couple additional things to keep in mind are: orpington, and bresse.

So, some forty years later, you now have what are called “Gypsy Chickens.” Like in the 1970’s, they are still protected, and make Key West the truly unique place that it is! It is against the law in Key West to kill the local chickens.

How do you get rid of chickens in Key West?

When the population of chickens gets out of control and the predatory hawks migrate out of town, Key West Wildlife Center will loan residents a humane chicken trap to collect unwanted birds. Once caught the resident brings the chickens to the center. There they are provided care and sent off to various farms on the mainland.

The city of Key West protects the chickens — you can’t just grab one and make it into your Sunday dinner — but it did hire an official Chicken Catcher in 2004 in an attempt to reduce the population without killing any birds. The decision was incredibly unpopular, and the Chicken Catcher quit after just a year.

Why you should keep backyard chickens?

OK, let’s get the obvious one out of the way. A couple more items to keep in mind: space saving, natural pesticide, entertainment, know what’s in your food, responsibility and education, so many factory-farmed chickens are fed complete crap, lifestyle choice, chickens are the original recyclers, exercise and health benefits, or comfort of self sufficiency.

The most effective way to keep your chickens safe is to close them in a coop during the night. Select sturdy fencing that doesn’t allow weasels and raccoons to grab a chicken through the wire. Check there are no areas that provide a gap that a weasel can slip through., and more items.