Where do cordyceps come from?

The fungus has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine since 600 AD, making China the best place to find high quality Cordyceps militaris . More specifically, we source from a farm in Lishui, Zhejiang province.

In alternative medicine, cordyceps is often touted as a natural energy booster. Proponents also claim that cordyceps can protect against health problems like asthma, depression, diabetes, fatigue, high cholesterol, and upper respiratory tract infections.

One source stated this is a fungus that infects insects and arthropods. Oh, but this isn’t just any kind of fungus., and it’s special. This one attacks a host, replaces its tissue, and sprouts ominous stems that grow outside of its body.

Where do Cordyceps mushrooms come from?

They are dispersed throughout the world from varied environments including rain forests. The natural habitat of Yarsagumba cordyceps is in the Himalayan Mountains -specifically the Tibetan Plateau-which presents a rather obvious barrier to just heading out and picking your own batch like you would with a more common mushroom.

Can you grow Cordyceps at home?

Unfortunately, this is a notoriously difficult fungus to get hold of due to the way it grows, not to mention where it grows. However, methods of cultivating this highly sought-after fungus are becoming more and more reliable, and you can now grow Cordyceps at home. Want to know more?, and keep reading.

In several months, roughly 60% of humanity was either killed or infected by the cordyceps fungus, later medically referred to as Cordyceps Brain Infection. The fungus grows while the host is still alive, with hosts undergoing four stages of infection.

How does Cordyceps affect the endocrine system?

Cordyceps exerts quite an effect on the endocrine system, at least according to scientific research and evidence-based uses. It especially seems to have an affinity for reproductive health in both men and women. On one hand, studies show it can boost testosterone and even increase fertility according to another study.

How does Cordyceps mushroom improve athletic performance?

One of the reasons cordyceps mushroom is associated with better athletic performance may be due to its unique enhancing effect on adenosine triphosphate (ATP)*. ATP is the “energy currency” of the body.

So, what are the health benefits of coryceps?

My favorite answer was in vitro studies have found that cordyceps can act like natural cancer treatments in some cases, preventing the growth of tumors and cancer cells. Considered a type of natural “immuno-potentiating drug,” coryceps supplements are often used to enhance immunity and optimize health.