Where do the cuts of pork come from?

The side of pig is where one of the most common pork cuts comes from – bacon. Bacon is a cured meat from the belly of the pig. Spare ribs also come from the side . These aren’t as meaty as back ribs and require a long, wet cook on low heat. Another common cut of pork comes from the leg – ham.

Pork is divided into large sections called primal cuts, illustrated in the pig diagram. These primal cuts are then broken down further into individual retail cuts, which is what you find at the grocery store. The most tender cuts of pork are from the rib and loin. It’s where the expression “high on the hog” comes from.

What are center cut pork chops called?

After the rib chops, you come to the centre cut pork chops, also known as the T-Bone and Porterhouse pork steaks. These chops not only have the eye of the loin meat, but also contain the small portion of pork tenderloin.

What cut of meat is a pork shoulder?

Many markets take out the bone and sell this cut in smaller chunks, often wrapped in netting to hold the roast together.

What part of the Pig do pork shoulder chops come from?

Pork shoulder chops also come from this area and are bone-in cuts. Meat from this area is also used for ground pork and sausage . Cuts from this area benefit from moist heat – such as braising – or low and slow roasting or barbequing. The picnic shoulder comes from the lower part of the pig shoulder.

What part of the cow do pork chops come from?

These chops are easily identified by the bone that runs along one side and the one large eye of loin muscle. Note that rib chops are also sold boneless. In fact, most boneless pork chops you’ll find are cut from the rib chop.

What part of the pig is pork loin?

The pork loin is one of the most tender parts of the pig, which means that there is going to be very little fat in the meat. That being said, it is important that you are careful while you are cooking the loin so that the meat does not become dry because it was cooked too long. This cut can be sold as a whole roast or cut into sections.