Why did my chickens stop laying eggs?

The most common reason why your chickens have stopped laying is there is something wrong with their diet. To lay eggs, your chickens need plenty of natural daylight- at least 14 hours a day and 16 hours are even better. A couple extra things to take a look at are: certain breeds don’t lay as many eggs, broody hens, old age, and new additions to the flock.

Then, why have my hens stopped laying eggs?

They are out of sync with nature. Hens will keep laying with artificial lighting; for example, commercial hens lay for 18 months without a break. Incorrect diet, stress, hot weather, age, broodiness, health, eggs stolen from the nest, chickens ideally need 14-16 hours per day, or insufficient light as well are a few additional things to investigate.

You can spot a broody hen by the following behaviors she’ll exhibit: She won’t leave the nest to roost with the rest of the chickens at night. She will pluck the feathers from her own breast so that her moist, warm skin keeps the eggs warm, and she’ll use the feathers to insulate the nest. She will become extremely territorial and hiss, growl, shriek, puff up, and peck at you when you come near her.

Why has my chicken never laid an egg?

Reasons your bantams are not laying eggs: Bantams are mostly seasonal layers, certainly more so than large fowl chickens. Bantams are mostly bred for show and as such are not selected for their egg laying ability. Bantams are more prone to broodiness and can take weeks to break off and return to egg laying., and more items.

, and https://www., and backyardchickens. Com/t/423023/why-arent-my-chickens-laying-here-are-your-answers Yes, extreme heat can certainly slow egg production, as well as other factors. See the thread above.

Why do my chickens act like they are starving?

They act like that because its easy food. No work involved, no foraging, so they eat it fast and try to get the most. Eating more means less foraging after. I have about 38 birds in my flock I believe the cup I use to scoop with is 10 ounces so just over a cup. I toss about 5 cups worth out in the yard in the morning.