Does chicken liver have b12?

The top benefit of eating liver is it’s very high B12 content. Sardines are very high in vitamin B12, and they’re also impressively high in something else vital to human health: omega-3 fatty acids. Some extra items to pay attention too are: grass-fed beef, cottage cheese, nutritional yeast, wild-caught salmon, eggs, atlantic mackerellamb, and feta cheese.

One chicken liver contains 7.41 micrograms of vitamin B12, which is more than three times the 2.4 micrograms you should consume each day. If you eat a 3.5-ounce serving of chicken liver, which is the standard serving size for meat, you’ll get 16.85 micrograms of vitamin B12.

Chicken meat with the skin contains 0.31 micrograms of vitamin B-12 per 100 grams, or 5 percent of the DV, and 0.21 micrograms per 4-ounce serving, or 4 percent of the DV. Both eggs and milk are better sources of vitamin B-12 whether you measure by weight or by recommended serving size.

Can too much B12 damage the liver?

The liver and kidneys do not have to do any extra work to get rid of excess B12. Just like a teapot does no extra work if you overfill it. The dose of B12 you’ve got is less than people get with loading doses. It cannot cause damage to kidneys or liver.

What foods have a lot of B12?

Top Twenty List – Highest vitamin b12 Content per 100gAcerola, (west indian cherry), raw 0ug (0%RDA)Acerola juice, raw 0ug (0%RDA)Apples, raw, with skin 0ug (0%RDA)Apples, raw, without skin 0ug (0%RDA)Apples, raw, without skin, cooked, boiled 0ug (0%RDA)Apples, raw, without skin, cooked, microwave 0ug (0%RDA)Apricots, raw 0ug (0%RDA)Avocados, raw, all commercial varieties 0ug (0%RDA)More items.

Some of the best foods to eat for Vitamin B12 deficiency are as follows: Cheese. Not all varieties of cheese available in the market are rich in vitamin B12. The cheese varieties that contain good amounts of vitamin B12 include Feta, Mozzarella, Parmesan and Swiss cheeses.

Foods with B12 are always the first choice, but if you have trouble eating B12-rich foods, or have problems absorbing B12, another potential vitamin B12 source is a multivitamin. In fact, the federal government’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggest that people older than age 50 take a multivitamin supplement as a way to ensure adequate B12.