Where do you find tofu at grocery?

Most grocery stores have tofu, including big chains and department stores like Walmart and Target. All health food stores, food co-ops, and natural food stores should also have tofu. Tofu tends to be more commonly stocked than tempeh, seitan, and other meat substitutes.

Another frequently asked question is “Where can I buy fresh tofu?”.

Tofu can be found in most grocery stores, including large chain stores. It’s also stocked at health food co-ops and natural food stores. Tofu is usually found in the refrigerated shelves at the edge of the produce section. It may also be in the natural foods or Asian food sections.

If there are refrigerators, refrigerated islands, or open refrigerated shelves, the tofu is very likely to be found there. Most of the tofu at Wegman’s is in the refrigerators in the natural foods section. Above, you see a large “Meatless & Tofu” section of refrigerators at Wegman’s. The tofu is right above the seitan in this case.

How do you open a tofu package?

Tofu packages usually have a soft top with a plastic “carton” thing going around the sides and bottom. You just peel off the top to open. Typically, tofu is packaged with extra water. (You just pour out the water after opening.) Sometimes, tofu will just be shrink-wrapped and vaccum-sealed all the way around—no carton on the bottom.

Moreover, does Meijer sell tofu?

Meijer is a big department store in the Midwest of the United States. It’s similar to Walmart and Target: It has a grocery section—plus clothes, electronics, and everything else. In stores like this, there is not usually a “natural foods section” or anything. So the tofu is almost always at the edges of the produce section.

Where is tahini paste located in the grocery store?

Tahini is located in various places in a grocery store: in a refrigerated case near the hummus, in the ethnic food aisle or near the salad dressings and other condiments. Not all grocery stores carry tahini because it is considered a specialty item. Tahini is a thick paste made from ground sesame seeds. The paste is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6.

Where can I buy a Tofurky?

You can also find a retailer If you live in Singapore, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Canada or the UK, you’re in luck. In the UK, for example, Tofurky is available in many independent health-food stores, Planet Organic, Whole Foods, and at Holland & Barrett.