What ground temperature does morels grow?

Moist ground is good ground. The ground temperature has to be just right for morels to grow. Reports on the perfect soil temperatures will vary, but a good rule of thumb is 60 degrees for 3 days. To be more exact, the ground temperature 4 inches down should be at least 55 degrees for growth to start.

This of course begs the inquiry “What temperature do morels grow?”

Instead, pay attention to the temperature, morels grow best when the weather reaches 60 degrees F and above, and drops no lower than 40 degrees F at night. The temperature of the soil is also an indication of morel growth. Warm soil stimulates morels and they enjoy soil temperatures around 50 degrees F the most.

You should be thinking “What causes morels to grow?”

As you well know there are many variables to the life expectancy and growth of the morel – weather conditions such as temperature (soil and air), precipitation, and sometimes it is a matter of timing. You will also find on this page several morel growth studies sent in to The Great Morel.

Our answer was this is an often-asked question and with the exception of a few geographical areas, the answer is more than likely -yes.

Is it too cold to see morels?

Not enough rain is definitely not good for the morel either. Soil temperatures will typically range from 50 to 60 degrees. It is not uncommon to find morels after a light frost or even snow, however, it is most likely that the morel had already made its grand appearance prior to the snow.

What conditions do morel mushrooms need to fruit?

Morels need the following conditions to fruit (send morel mushrooms above ground ): Springtime weather with daytime temperatures in the 60-70 Degrees F range and nighttime temperatures in the 40s Recent rains or moist soil conditions – you can also find this next to streams where flooding happened recently.

Hunt for morels when they appear in the Spring. Your area’s soil temperature should be 50 degrees F if you want the best chances to find morels. Bring a soil thermometer. Do not hunt for morels in the fall or other times of the year. What you think is a morel could be anything.