When to harvest shiitake mushrooms?

Dependent of Shiitake strain. The harvest period can be anytime from early Spring to late Fall 9-18 months. This is again dependent on several factors, including strain and log diameter Strong, bold, garlic flavored, meaty texture.

Shiitakes may be harvested at any time during their growth; however, it’s best to harvest them when the caps are fully expanded and have darkened in color. If you’re not sure whether or not your shiitakes are ready for harvest, there is an easy way to tell: gently squeeze the cap.

How do you know when to pick shiitake mushrooms?

The mushrooms should be doubling in size every day, once they stop growing it’s time to pick them! Harvesting shiitake mushrooms is fairly easy. I generally harvest all the mushrooms in a single session, unless there are clearly two pin sets at different stages of growth.

One thought is that other kinds of mushrooms have a much quicker turn around, vigorous strains of oyster mushrooms can fruit a week or two after the substrate being inoculated. Once colonised with mycelium, your shiitake block will initially be white and then begin turning brown over the next 4-8 weeks.

What is the best temperature to grow shiitake mushrooms?

Many strains of shiitake can tolerate a wide range of temperatures. It’s possible to successfully fruit them when it’s snowing outside and also in temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. I’ve had success fruiting shiitake in containers in my house during very hot summers where temperatures reach over 40° C outside.

Can you put shiitake logs in compost?

Your shiitake log is completely organic, you can compost it, bury it or add it to your worm farm. Worms love mushroom mycelium, they’ll tear your block apart it a few days. The two biggest problems you’re likely to face is that your block will go mouldy or you won’t get many mushrooms.