How much do oyster mushrooms cost?

On average we can take 9 crops in a year as the cultivation of oyster mushrooms is not possible during summer months. So, the production cost of each crop is Rs. 7, 500 as we are growing 9 crops in a year. Production costs in a year will be Rs. 7500 × 9 = 67, 500.

How much does a morel mushroom cost?

The fresh Morels weigh more and can range in price from $30 to $90 per pound. The problem with Morels is that they appear in their own season. In the United States they are found from late March through May. Though they are available in every state, foragers find the delicate mushrooms are most abundant in the states of the Midwest.

According to the American Mushroom Institute, the 2016-2017 mushroom crop in the United States was 929 million pounds, with a value of $1.22 billion. The average price per pound was $1.32 per pound. These prices for everyday mushrooms are exceeded by specialty mushrooms such as Shiitake, Oyster and Exotics, which came in at $3.78 per pound.

Where do oyster mushrooms grow?

Be sure to check underneath trees that have fallen over as well, as oysters often prefer to grow in the shade. They tend to particularly like growing on oak and beech trees in old, leafy, open forests. Oyster mushrooms grow very quickly. You’ll need to find them while they’re still young or they could be quite leathery and not worth eating.

Oyster mushrooms are plentiful in the wild, growing on dead standing trees or fallen logs and were first cultivated by the Germans in World War 2. In more recent years commercial production has skyrocketed.

The next thing we wanted the answer to was, where do Blue Oyster mushrooms grow best?

Commonly found throughout the Northern hemisphere, and a sub species of the common Oyster, the Blue Oyster Mushroom is one of the fastest colonisers of all the Oyster mushroom varieties and prefers growing in cooler temperatures of 12-18 C (45-65 F).

They also tolerate cooler weather, growing in temperatures from 45 to 65°F, though it must be at least 60°F for fruiting to take place. Blue oyster mushrooms appreciate good air circulation and do better outside, but you can grow them indoors, too. This mushroom is a delightfully rich yellow color.

Then, where do oysters grow in the wild?

Habitat Oysters are saprotrophic so they are found growing on logs, or on unhealthy or dying trees. They are commonly found on deciduous hardwoods, especially beech and aspen trees. They are rarely found on conifers as well.

Are there different types of oyster mushrooms?

A tremendous variety of oyster mushrooms exist. The type you want will determine price. Late fall oyster mushrooms run on the lower end of price, but can be very tasty in the right preparation. The others are as versatile as the typical mushrooms.