Where is perdue chicken processed?

PERDUE® HARVESTLAND® Organic chickens are raised on certified organic farms. Certified Organic means raised in a free-range environment on certified organic farms, fed a non-GMO diet with no animal by-products and never given antibiotics. Learn more about our organic feed ingredients and organic certification.

Where are your products raised and processed ? How do you raise your chickens? What do you feed your chickens? What about GMOs? Do you give your animals antibiotics? Do you use arsenic in your poultry feeds?, and more items.

This of course begs the query “Is Perdue Chicken really free range?”

The company also offers free-range and organic chicken products under its Simply Smart Organics labels.

What does Perdue Farms feed their chickens?

We feed our birds the finest natural grain products, including yellow corn, soybean meal, marigolds, vitamins and mineral supplements. Our company nutritionists develop all of our feed formulations, we have standardized quality control procedures for all of our ingredients and finished feeds, and have full time feed quality control associates in each of our feed mills.

Their normal ‘feed schedule’ looks something like this: Breakfast (6am): Layers Pellets. Snack (2pm): Varity of vegetables and occasionally mealworms. Evening Meal ( 4pm): Handful of cracked corn.

How do you make your own chicken feed?

Make sure that you mix the ingredients that are in the bottom of the container. This may take a few minutes if you have made a large batch. Allow 2-3 minutes to mix a large bucket. If you have made a very large batch of chicken feed, use a spade to mix the ingredients.

This of course begs the query “How to make homemade chicken feed?”

60% grains (corn, wheat)20% peas10% oats5-10% fish meal2-5% kelp meal. Crushed eggshells for calcium (optional)Salt or mineral salts (depending on pasture access, not required for free-range chickens).