How do you press tofu without a press?

Place the block of tofu in the middle of the paper towel and wrap it up in the paper towel first then the dish towel. Place a cutting board on top of the wrapped tofu and then add some heavy objects on top such as canned tomatoes to press.

When working with extra-firm tofu, you have to literally have to press out as much water as possible. Tofu is not only made with water but packaged in water as well so it can be a little waterlogged. Watery tofu can get mushy when cooked so it’s best to press it first.

Pressed tofu is just firm tofu that’s been “pressed” in towels to remove the extra water, done to aid in browning (when frying) and to allow the tofu to take on extra marinade flavour. This simple process does firm up the texture, as does cooking longer, and the acids in many marinades.

Another frequently asked inquiry is “Where can I buy pressed tofu?”.

You can buy pressed tofu at an Asian market. It is sold already pressed (and is not in water) and is firmer than extra firm tofu (even after pressing). Thanks for contributing an answer to Seasoned Advice!

How to clean TOFU?

Step 1: Open the package of tofu, dispose of the liquid, and gently remove the block of tofu. Step 2: Wrap the tofu in a lint free towel (you can also wrap it in a few layers of paper towels) and place it on a rimmed plate or baking sheet.

How do you cook tofu in a skillet?

Place the other piece of tofu directly over the top of the first one, making sure the edges line up. Place a few more paper towels on top of the second piece, then place a heavy skillet on top. Fill the skillet with something heavy such as a jar of sugar, a bag of flour, a few cans, books, etc.

However, in recipes calling for tofu to hold its shape, it’s critical that you press the tofu to remove enough water so that it will hold its shape when used in recipes for salads, stir-fries, or grilling. Unless you do this, the tofu will fall apart and lose all shape.

Can you cut tofu with paper towels?

Be careful, though, not to apply too much weight or the tofu will be crushed and you will be unable to cut it into slices or blocks. Place another layer of folded paper towels or a clean kitchen cloth top of the block of tofu.