What salmon to buy?

There’s a reason this species is at the top of the list and earned itself the royal moniker: King salmon is considered by many to be the best salmon money can buy. It’s rich, high in fat, and big. The average weight of a King salmon is 40 pounds, but they can weigh as much as 135-pounds or as little as 20-something.

Another common question is “Which salmon should you buy?”.

The six species of North American salmon vary in price, color and taste, but all are healthy choices. The largest is the king or chinook, prized for its high fat content, rich omega-3s and buttery texture.

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If you are planning to freeze raw salmon, here is how you should prepare and store it: Rinse salmon in cold water and pat dry. Wrap salmon tightly in plastic wrap, then wrap with a layer of aluminum foil. Place wrapped salmon in a resealable zipper-lock bag ( I love my Stasher bags ).. Place in the coldest part of the freezer, or on the freezer floor.

Where can you buy wild caught salmon?

Wild for Salmon offers a variety of wild caught salmon online that is shipped frozen. Order seafood online and try our sockeye salmon, keta, king and much more.

Get some at your local bait shop. Almost every local bait shop near a river known for salmon fishing will have salmon roe. Just talk to the cashier or local workers., and commercial fisherman. If you know commercial salmon fisherman, you can often buy unused salmon roe from them. If you see fishermen selling salmon by the docks, ask them about roe.

Where to buy Masago Roe?

Praised for its delicious and subtle flavor, Masago caviar is used to top sushi and sashimi dishes. Buy Masago roe online at the Gourmet Food Store!