Why is a sausage roll an energy dense food?

The sausage roll is a comfort food whose uncomplicated nature, the way it offers an all-enveloping bearhug of crowd-pleasing savoury flavours, is the essence of its appeal. Sausage rolls are not meant to challenge you.

So, what makes a good sausage roll?

One answer is, A good sausage roll does not need augmentation. A combination of all-butter puff, coarsely ground rare-breed meat (retrieved from real sausages), herbs and maybe a tiny amount of softened onion, can produce astonishing rolls that stand on their own merits. Despite this, there is endless unnecessary tinkering.

The percentage of meat in sausage rolls is often even lower than in burgers there may be more chemical additives. The meat can be up to 50 per cent fat added to which is a layer of fatty pastry. The healthy proportion.

What happens when you warm up a sausage roll?

Warming it will also intensify the flavours in that seasoned sausage meat, which, for the record, should be far, far thicker than the pastry casing. A cold sausage roll is dry, lumpen, largely flavourless; a taste of rain-lashed church fetes and grim funeral buffets.

Here is what I ran into. The truth may gross you out. Confusingly, the label information on the back of a sausage roll is only gives the percentage of meat in the overall product – not the meat in the sausage. And with recipes and pastry quantities varying between products it’s impossible for shoppers to work out how much meat they actually contain.

What are the best side dishes to serve with sausage rolls?

The humble sausage roll is something that many of us eat regularly, but choosing the right side dishes can really elevate your pastry based delight and make it into something a little more impressive. Let’s take a look at the best options… 1. Watercress salad A sausage roll can seem like quite the indulgence.

Where to buy sausage rolls in the Netherlands?

Sausage rolls are sold at retail outlets and are also available from bakeries as a take-away food. A miniature version can be served as buffet or party food. A Dutch sausage roll ( saucijzenbroodje) showing the puff pastry surrounding the roll of minced meat inside.