When do shiitake mushrooms grow?

Mushrooms should appear sometime between 6-12 months after inoculation, usually after a day of rain in the spring, summer or fall. While it takes some time accompanied by patience to grow your own shiitake, in the end, the logs will continue to produce for up to 8 years!

If planted in the spring, the season may be long enough to provide the first Shiitake in the fall following inoculation. It is not uncommon, however, that Shiitake logs take until the following year to produce their first mushrooms.

How are shiitake mushrooms grown?

Growing shiitake mushrooms takes place either on logs or in bags of nutrient enriched sawdust or other organic material, called bag culture. Bag culture is a complex process requiring specific conditions of controlled temperature, light and moisture. The inexperienced mushroom grower would be advised to start with growing shiitakes on logs.

Even if you’re going to be growing your shiitake outside on a wood chip bed, starting off growing your shiitake on sawdust in bags will produce a larger amount of stronger mycelium to add to your bed. This provides a better chance of survival and hopefully producing more mushrooms.

Also, how do you know when shiitake mushrooms are ready to fruit?

The pins will usually form on the top of the block, signalling that it is time to fruit the mushrooms. Shiitake, on the other hand, will continue to “ consolidate ”, strengthening the mycelium and forming large bulbous knots of mycelium all over the outside of the block.

When to plant shiitake mushrooms outdoors?

If you’re inoculating logs with your shiitake spawn for growing outdoors, you’ll want to do so in spring after the last danger of frost has passed. Use a power drill to drill holes in your log that are slightly larger than the spawn you plan on inserting into the log.

Most mushrooms go dormant for the cold winter months then begin growing again the following spring. Below is some general information on when to plant your mushrooms and expect your harvests: Important: Not all trees make good mushroom logs. Please read “Selecting Logs for Mushroom Growing” first!

How long do shiitake mushrooms last on logs?

Plus they’re delicious! Shiitake mushrooms produce 3 to 5 flushes of fresh mushrooms on average when grown on sawdust or grain. If you grow them on logs, they can provide you with fresh mushrooms every 5 weeks for 4 to 6 years !

Unlike many mushrooms which grow on compost or manure-based potting media, shiitake mushrooms grow on logs. You’ll need to obtain or cut logs (“bolts”) about 3 to 6-inches across, and 3 to 4 feet long. For ease of handling, consider the 3-foot lengths for the thicker logs.

What is shiitake mushroom bags culture?

Shiitakes are wood-decay fungus, meaning they grow on logs. Growing shiitake mushrooms takes place either on logs or in bags of nutrient enriched sawdust or other organic material, called bag culture.