How can you tell if pork chops have gone bad?

A little darker than fresh chicken but lighter than fresh beef. When you open the package fresh uncooked pork chops will have a fresh smell . If you get a rancid odor or smell then throw them away. This rule typically applies to any meat that you are going to cook. Raw pork chops will be a little wet in texture but should not be slimy at all.

If it looks yellowish that is another good indicator that it has spoiled. This goes for pork loins and pork chops and any other pork cuts that you can think off. Smell the pork Once you open the package you always want to give it the sniff test and see if you smell anything sour.

Can you eat pork chops that have gone bad?

Pork chops with a foul odor are likely to have gone bad. The same goes for pork chops with a slimy appearance. I have a simpler rule as far as cooked pork chops are concerned— I eat them within 2 days. If they’ve been sitting in the ref for three days after they were cooked, I don’t even think of eating them.

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The first thing you should look at when deciding if your pork chops are still ok is to check the sell-by date . Typically you have 3-5 days after the sell-by date to eat pork chops that have been handled properly. Next, look at them and see if they are grey or dull looking. Fresh pork should be pink in color .

What happens if you eat discolored pork chops?

Discolored pork chops also indicate spoilt pork. Eating such pork can make you very sick. As for the color of fresh pork, it should be pink or whitish. Before buying the pork, you should check it for freshness.

The USDA recommends throwing away any meat that has been exposed to temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit for over two hours, since it could be contaminated. On the other hand, eating pork chops or ribs that smell funny may not necessarily make you fall sick ; however, they may have deteriorated in quality.