How to use chickpea liquid in baking?

Use Chickpea Liquid as an Awesome Replacement for Eggs. Attention vegans and people with egg allergies: It’s time to stock up on some cans of chickpeas. The liquid left over in the can, called aquafaba, makes a perfect egg substitute for baking—even for challenging desserts like meringues and angel food cake.

You could be wondering “What is chickpea water—and how do you use it?”

Vegans aren’t strangers to putting beans in their baked goods, but chickpea water may be a whole different story. Only three tablespoons of the stuff go into these grain-free, peanut-buttery squares, but it’s enough to help give them the texture of blondies, not bricks.

Can you make chickpea flour at home?

What you’ll needdried chickpeassieve or mesh strainerblender or coffee/spice grinder.

Another thing we wondered was: is chickpea flour more nutritious than regular flour?

One source stated flour made from chickpeas has more protein than regular white flour, and more fibre. But if you’ve seen headlines recently about chickpea flour’s health benefits, there are some serious caveats you should know about.

Thanks to the protein and fiber content of chickpeas, the tasty beans are some of the best foods for avoiding hanger. Let’s be real: Digestion problems (literally) stink, but chickpeas can help. A few more items to examine are: decreases risk of diabetes, may reduce cancer risk, or support heart health.

Can you use chickpeas instead of eggs in aquafaba?

You can use other types of beans to make aquafaba, but most vegan bakers find chickpeas make a better egg replacer than white beans, black beans, or lentils. If you prefer dried chickpeas to the canned kind, a few tips: Spare the salt. Avoid salting the cooking water unless you’re only using the aquafaba in savory recipes.

The next time you open a can of chickpeas, think before you drain it. It turns out, that leftover liquid is kind of magic. Known as aquafaba or chickpea water, it can be used as a vegan substitute in many recipes that call for eggs or egg whites.