Do beans prevent colon cancer?

Beans are another fiber-rich food that can help shape a diet that will lower your risk of colon cancer. Kidney beans and black beans are also good ways to get plant protein—making it a good substitute for processed meat. Some research indicates that eating beans at least twice a week can cut colon cancer risk nearly in half.

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In the last study, Rondini and Bennink (2012) also found that black beans inhibited chemically-induced tumors in rats. Black beans reduced the number of animals with colon tumors both early and late after carcinogen administration.

Moreover, how eating beans cuts the risk of cancer?

4 There’s a Secret at Work in These Studies.

What are the health benefits of eating beans?

Beans contain antioxidant components which fight the free radicals that can lead to oxidative damage on a cellular level, including cancer. As per the BBC reports, inositol pentakisphosphate, a compound in beans block tumor growth.

Does bean curd cause cancer?

Despite the concern that bean curd may be linked to breast cancer, tofu has actually proven beneficial in fighting breast cancer. You see at one time, there was a grave fear that the isoflavones in soy that are similar to estrogen could stimulate the growth of cancerous cells. However multiple studies have shown the opposite to be true.

Most of the fatty acids in bean curd are omega-6 fatty acids, there is a small amount of omega-3 fatty acids and about one gram of saturated fat. Eating low-fat foods such as tofu regularly is a great way to lower cholesterol levels and improve heart health.

Can tofu cause breast cancer?

Those animals process soy differently than humans do. Studies with people show that tofu doesn’t have enough plant estrogens to cause breast cancer. And some research suggests tofu may lower your risk of the disease. Tofu can be helpful for several health concerns:.