Does beef have vitamin d?

Amount of Vitamin D in Beef Welcome to the nutritional vitamin d content in 100 different types of beef, ranging from 49 IU to 6 IU per 100g. The basic type of beef is Beef, bologna, reduced sodium, where the amount of vitamin d in 100g is 28 IU. 28 IU of vitamin d per 100g, from Beef, bologna, reduced sodium corresponds to % of the vitamin d RDA.

Does beef liver have vitamin d?

A 3-ounce serving of beef liver supplies 42 international units of vitamin D. The same portion of beef kidney contains 38 international units. Other than these sources, cooked beef, pork and poultry don’t supply much in the way of vitamin D.

You should be wondering “Does cooked meat have vitamin D?”

Though milk, yogurt and fortified juices are among the most common sources of vitamin D, cooked meat, depending on what kind you eat, can actually supply more of this essential nutrient.

What vitamins contain vitamin D?

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What is the best food source of vitamin D?

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What is the best vitamin D food?

Vitamin D foods . Beef liver (cooked). Cereal, fortified with 10% of the daily value of vitamin D. Some additional ideas to look into are swiss cheese, 1 large egg: 41 iu, 1 tablespoon: 60 iu, 075 to 1 cup: 40 iu, orange juice, fortified, milk, fortified, margarine, fortified, egg yolk, cod liver oil, salmon (sockeye, cooked), sardines (canned in oil, drained), or 1 tablespoon: 1360 iu.

What vegetables have vitamin D in them?

Salmon is a popular fatty fish and great source of vitamin D. Herring and sardines. Herring is a fish eaten around the world. Cod liver oil. Cod liver oil is a popular supplement., and canned tuna., and egg yolks., and fortified foods.