When should I plant rye for deer?

Ryegrass is planted in the fall and will grow in September and October in most areas. By late fall to early winter, ryegrass is a lush green and provides a tasty treat to whitetails. Rye is a grazing crop, meaning deer will feed on it all winter long.

You might be thinking “What is the best rye grass to plant for deer?”

The Best Seeds to Plant for This Deer Season. Picking the right seeds for deer food plots can make a world of difference . Food plotting has become a major staple in deer hunting and land management. A few more items to look into: soy beans, purple top turnips, austrian winter peas, rye grass, clover, and egyptian wheat.

This begs the question “Do deer like winter rye?”

Winter rye is grain rye: Deer love the stuff. This year i will plant winter rye food plots five different locations. Winter rye is very cold hardy and drought tolerant. It will grow and thrive in a variety of soils. Click to read in-depth answer. What grass Do deer like best?

When to plant winter rye seed?

Winter rye is a cool-season grass that has its growing season from early fall throughout the winter until spring. Seed should be planted before temperatures drop below 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-12C). This usually occurs in September and early October. However, the exact date varies by a week or two, depending on your location.

What is the best fertilizer for winter rye?

When using this planting method, control the following factors to get satisfactory results: Blend the seeds thoroughly with the fertilizer. Plant the seeds the same day they are blended, especially where high rates of nitrogen fertilizer are used. Use narrow spreading patterns. Spread one-half of seeds at normal spreading width, then spread the other half by splitting the original tracks.

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