How much did the bean in chicago cost?

To most people, this stainless steel figure is a work of art – but to tourists, it’s the best opportunity for a selfie. The Cloud Gate sculpture also known as ‘the Bean,’ is one of the top things to see in Chicago. The bean is a large public sculpture that was unveiled at the opening of Millennium Park in 2004.

Moreover, where is the bean in chicago?

The Bean is located in Millennium Park, the lakefront park in Chicago’s downtown Loop. It sits above the Mc. Cormick Tribune Plaza, directly behind the Park Grill Restaurant at 11 N. If you’re walking on Michigan Avenue between Randolph and Monroe, you really can’t miss it.

What is Chicago’s Bean?

Formally known as Cloud Gate, Chicago’s Bean is a mercury-inspired structural wonder of engineering, resulting from the artistic vision of Anish Kapoor in collaboration with a design and construction firm.

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More affectionately known as “the Bean,” this massive public sculpture has garnered widespread acclaim ever since its unveiling in 2006. An essential stop on anyone’s Chicago photo tour, Cloud Gate is the prime attraction in Millennium Park.

The sculpture and AT&T Plaza are located on top of Park Grill, between the Chase Promenade and Mc. Cormick Tribune Plaza & Ice Rink. Constructed between 2004 and 2006, the sculpture is nicknamed The Bean because of its shape, a name Kapoor initially disliked, but later grew fond of.

Is the Chicago Bean worth visiting?

One of the most famous attractions in Chicago is the Bean. This public art has become an icon to the city and is a must-see spot for many tourists visiting. The Chicago Bean is a unique site you can’t get anywhere else. Let’s explore the idea behind this installation and how it came to be. First off, where is the Chicago Bean located?