Which beef has highest iron?

The answer: It’s true that red meat, especially beef, is a good source of iron. Beef has more iron than many other foods and the type of iron it contains – called heme iron – is well absorbed by the body. Three ounces of sirloin steak, for example, provides half a day’s worth of iron for men and postmenopausal women.

Oysters, clams and mussels. Red meats such as beef and lamb., and canned sardines. Chicken and turkey. Pork and ham.

Does beef contain iron?

For example, a 3-ounce patty of broiled 85-percent-lean ground beef contains 2.2 milligrams of iron, or 12 percent of the DV, making it a good source of iron. Poultry Poultry can also be a good source of iron, especially if you choose dark meat instead of light meat.

Which meat has the most iron?

While the results may come as unsurprising given what we already know about red meat, the data aimed to show a true such as the ever-popular Impossible Burger, contain the most sodium, vitamin D, iron, and potassium compared to beef burgers.

A serving of lamb kidneys: 10.54 of iron (58.5% DV)A serving of beef kidneys: 4.93 mg of iron (27% DV)A serving of pork kidneys : 4.5 mg of iron (25% DV).

Another thing we wondered was which meats contain the most iron?

, and liver. Lean red meat., and chicken. Seafood, including oysters. Lentils and beans., and tofu. Fortified breakfast cereals. Dried fruits, such as prunes, figs, and apricots.

Very good sources of heme iron, with 3.5 milligrams or more per serving, include: 3 ounces of beef or chicken liver3 ounces of mussels3 ounces of oysters.

What foods are high in iron?

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