How should I get my quarter of beef cut?

Select the exact cuts you want for your quarter beef. No matter which size of bulk beef you order, you’ll receive the maximum number of cuts for the size of beef you select. Our ranch-raised beef is dry-aged for 14 to 21 days prior to processing.

What can you do with tough cuts of meat?

Like I said, with those tougher areas that we aren’t having made into steak cuts or roasts they can turn them into ground beef and ground beef patties, stew meat, kabob meat (more evenly cut and a little bit smaller than stew meat), and strips such as fajita or carne asada cuts.

How much does quarter beef cost?

The cost is $3.50-3.65/lb hanging weight, depending on the amount. Again, this does not include processing, which runs about $0.70 per pound. Regarding this, how much does a hindquarter of beef weigh? Animal would “dress out” at about 500 lbs.

One source claimed that the quarters generally cost from $1,200 to $1,800 depending on the weight. We can’t hold beef for customers without knowing it is indeed sold. We will send you a final bill based on the official USDA weight once it is reported to us.

Quarter Beef: Typically, you will receive 30lbs of 90% lean ground beef and 3-4 packages of stew meat. Half Beef: Typically, you will receive 65lbs of 90% lean ground beef and 6-8 packages of stew meat.

Where can I buy a quarter cow?

You can purchase whole, halves, split halves and quarter carcasses directly from us. Either way your guaranteed fine quality cuts at an affordable price. Wisconsin River Meats will process your cuts with special attention to detail. All of your cuts are “Restaurant Cut” by our professional staff.

What to expect when buying a quarter cow?

Twice what is in a half, of course. Will take up almost all of a large upright freezer (20 cu. ft.)Custom Cut to your specifications. Whole beef costs are around $3300 and with butchers fees the total cost is about $3900Whole beef orders require an $800 deposit to secure your order. Pick up at ranch only for Whole Beef orders.