Do lentils ever go bad?

Of course, lentils won’t instantly go bad after the date. As long as the products are stored in ideal conditions and the packaging is still perfect, you can expect that they last for a few more months to a year after the date. Once opened, dry lentils are best to use within a year.

Dried lentils preserve their optimum quality for 2 to 3 years, which is normally 1 to 2 years over the expiration date on the package, if stored in a cold, dry environment. They are safe to eat for extended periods of time, but they lose the majority of their nutritional value over time.

Do lentils go bad or expire?

Both dry and canned lentils are a shelf-stable product. They can last for several years, with proper storage. Like other packaged products, a “best before” or “best by” date is stamped on the label. Respect this date for your purchase and consumption. Of course, lentils won’t instantly go bad after the date.

How do you know if lentils are bad?

There’s mold or discolorations on the surface or sides. If any microbes get into the container before you put it in the fridge, your lentils will go moldy. Signs of mold might show up even the very next day, so always check the food before reheating. The lentils smell off. Sometimes, there are no visible signs of spoilage at first.

How long do dried lentils last?

Dried lentils can last for as long as two to three years if stored properly in a cool, dark and dry location in your kitchen or pantry. Even after three years, you can safely eat them.

Are canned lentils good for You?

The same practices work for other dry foods, such as rice or quinoa. Canned lentils are a great option if you want to add some lentils to your diet, but you can’t be bothered with cooking dry lentils.

Any small holes in dry lentils packaging mean an entrance for bugs and insects. Don’t use canned lentils if the can is damaged in any way ⁠—if it is leaked, dented, bulged, rusted, or spurted liquid after opening. Dry lentils are a durable food item and have a long shelf life.

Should you refrigerate cooked lentils?

Assess the cooked lentils to decide whether to keep them or not. If lentils smell unpleasant or taste bad, there’s no better option than discarding the rest. Cooked lentils and leftovers of canned lentils only stay fresh for a few days in the fridge.