Is rye seed good for dogs?

Yet rye is well accepted by dogs and cats in palatability testing and, when incorporated into the diet at moderate levels, results in satisfactory stool consistency. Thus, perceptions aside, there are no substantial technical, nutritional or performance issues associated with rye that would limit its use in petfoods.

Perennial Ryegrass is hardy and tolerant of dog urine, making it a great choice if you have a large dog or own multiple dogs . Though it is not as cold-hardy as Kentucky Bluegrass, it does very well in cooler climates and stays a beautiful green color in mild winters. This grass does require more water and fertilizer than other grasses.

Likewise some other pet owners worry about the effect of grass seed on a dog or cat’s respiratory system, as breathing in the seeds could be harmful if they get lodged in a pet’s lungs. For these concerns you should look to grass seed varieties where the seed itself is larger and less likely to go airborne.

What kind of grass is best for dogs with urine allergies?

Fescue may be the perfect fit. This grass variety is very absorbent and can handle a large dog’s urine with ease. Many varieties of fescue are very easy to care for, do not require a lot of attention or nutrients to thrive, and can tolerate shade and drought. For an easy, durable grass option, fescue makes a great choice.

Does whiskey have carbs in it?

Since there are no carbs in whiskey, the extra calories from the soda all come from sugar. To keep the calories, carbs and sugar low, you can always swap out sugar and calorie-filled mixers for low-carb options.

This is what our research found. the ageing process, and sugar added therein, is one of the reasons that Bourbon has more sugar in it than the average Scotch. The new casks, after being posted and charred, simply have more “juice” in them, imparting more sugars to the alcohol.

You could be wondering “Is there a lot of sugar in whiskey?”

In conclusion, it is unlikely that good quality Scotch, Bourbon, Rye or Irish Whiskeys would contain much sugar. Certain other whiskeys (not regular bourbon or any whiskey labelled as “straight”) are allowed to add up to 2.5% of caramel colouring, so some other sugar may find its way into them.

Is Whiskey Good for diabetics?

Diabetic Approved Since rye and whiskey contain no carbohydrates; they won’t impact your blood sugar levels like wheat products can. This makes whiskey the top alcoholic choice for people with diabetes.