How do you use barley straw in a pond?

Barley straw is an interesting way to clear pond water naturally, and research supports its clarifying properties. A small amount of algae growth is normal in most bodies of water, and in low quantities it can actually be beneficial to ponds and fish!

Barley straw is used for the prevention of algae growth. When barley straw begins to decompose, it releases chemicals into the water that stunt the growth of algae, if used correctly. The addition of barley to the pond will cause the decomposition of the straw and when this reaches a certain stage, will begin reducing the algae in your pond.

How does barley straw work for koi ponds?

If you have any experience with keeping koi in large outdoor ponds, you’ve had some experience with algae. Controlling it is not always an easy task. Throughout your struggles, you’ve probably heard something about barley for ponds. How does this work and what’s it all about? The exact mechanism of how barley straw works is still unknown.

, our pond Rescue Barley Straw Bale comes with added lavende to enhance the process and provide significantly better results. When should I apply the straw to my pond? You can add barley straw to your pond all year round, but for maximum effectiveness we suggest applying it before an algal growth starts.

Another popular query is “How does barley straw work?”.

The exact mechanism of how barley straw works is still unknown. As the barely straw breaks down, it releases compounds that keeps algae from growing, especially string-type algae.

How do you aerate a pond with straw?

Air pumps work well as aerators to supply large amounts of oxygen to pond water. Barley straw will only work while decomposing under well oxygenated conditions, and should be left as close to the surface water as possible (floating or shallow shelf) for the best results.

One source stated it is best to anchor the straw packages to the bottom, but provide a float to keep the straw near the surface of the pond where sunlight and oxygen are more prevalent. Apply the straw at several locations around the pond and especially near the water source if a spring or stream feeds the pond.

Can I treat my pond with barley straw this Valentines Day?

Treat your pond with barley straw this Valentines Day! Your pond may start to go green soon with algae or blanketweed after the Winter cold turns to warmer weather: Add the first of this year’s barley straw minibales this month so it becomes activated before the surface of the water warms up.

Does barley straw kill algae in ponds?

When applied at the proper time and rate, barley straw has been a very successful algae control technique in Pennsylvania ponds . How does it work? Barley straw does not kill existing algae, but it inhibits the new growth of algae.